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Forklift Training

On successful completion of this course, students will have acquired the skills and knowledge to operate a forklift equipped with a mast and elevated load carriage. Successful completion of the course meets requirements for WHS/OH&S licensing purposes.

Who should attend:  

  • Existing licensed forklift operators

  • Existing unlicensed forklift operators

  • People wanting to become licensed forklift operators

The course consists of one unit of competency:

  •  TLILIC0003 Licence to operate a forklift truck.

Course duration
The course duration is 30-40 hours required.
Students will be required to undertake supervised training on-the-job to further develop their skills and to complete a logbook attesting to the hours.


Dates of Course
Individual arrangements are made to suit your needs


Course Locations
e.g. at your workplace or at another agreed location


Entry Requirements
There are no specific entry requirements although students need to have English language skills that allow them to work safely with the forklift and to understand the manuals, procedures, forms and other communications required in workplaces every day.

  • Be able to read and write basic English (Workplace Health and Safety requirement)

   Entrants must be 17years and 6 months old before starting training. Students to minimum 18 Years old to complete assessment.


Pre requisites
There are no pre requisites for this course.


Training Delivery mode
Theory and Practical training can be done at our training facility or your workplace. Log book hours are required for this course under  licensed supervision.
(For students with considerable practical experience who wish to have their knowledge and skills recognised, supervised training may not be necessary.  Knowledge and practical tests supported by documentary evidence (logbook) may be used to move to the assessment phase)


The assessment methods will include:

  • Practical observation

  • Knowledge questions

Assessment activities will take place in the workplace or in simulated activities at the RTO/other suitable premises.


Training Course materials
Students attending the training course will be provided with a course workbook including access to copies of the relevant Acts, Regulations and Codes of Practice.


Outcome and Qualification
Successful students will be issued a Statement of Attainment reflecting the unit of competency for which they have been deemed competent.  Application can then be made to Licencing Queensland


Full payment must be made before commencement of training, unless prior arrangements have been made. Course Cost is from $600.00- dependent on location
For more information on the course cost contact Patricia French call her on 0430062257 or email


Student Handbook
For more information and a copy of the student handbook click here.

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